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CCBill issues

 1st Feb 2022
We are aware of issues with CCBill, we've got many feedbacks from customers about it.

We are looking for another payment processing service and after that we'll have to implement it into the website. It will take some time, sorry about that.

Meanwhile the only alternative we can propose is a paypal payment. You can contact us via usual channels (SFK, Twitter) in PM.

Announcement · New publishings & double updates

 23rd Jan 2021

You've noticed we started publishing new material from 2019 shooting sessions (Constance), there is plenty of new material yet to publish with gorgeous new models we are looking forward to share.

Meanwhile there is plenty of old sessions yet to publish. To be honest I'm tired to see these 2015 & 2016 series and I'm looking forward to share some gorgeous recent photoshoots. That's why I started to publish double weekly updates.

Looking back, the Villainess project is now in its sixth year and we'd like to warmly thank our supporters for your loyalty, you're great and have contributed to make this exist.

As previously said we've thousands gorgeous new captions we're looking forward to share. Also many new projects in mind, talks on the go with gorgeous pro models & pro dominas for future collaborations. Unfortunately, the covid thing, lockdowns & travel bans are slowing us obviously.

Thank you again for your support.

2018 shooting sessions revealed

 10th May 2020

We've started publishing our 2018 shooting sessions.

2017 shooting sessions revealed

 24th Oct 2018

We started to publish new models from our 2017 shootings.

Usual channels for news and bonuses.

New models revealed

 6th Sep 2017

This month we start to publish new models from our 2016 shootings.

Bonus Galleries

 25th May 2016

We are publishing this week a first Bonus Gallery featuring Irina. Bonus Galleries are previously released photosets which have been newly edited. The result is much more appealing than the previous edits.

We are published in Sinical Magazine

 11th Apr 2016

Five photos ouf our dark pin up serie are published in Sinical Magazine April 2016 issue.

The galleries featuring this serie will be released soon.

Guest star - Fetish Liza joins the PV team!

 3rd Apr 2016

We are proud to announce that we have had the opportunity to book Fetish Liza for a photo shoot last week.

You can expect outstanding pictures of the fetish diva. As usual we worked with Liza in the PV spirit i.e. Long whites, Mores, Sobranies, gloved smoking and playing with guns.


Previews of the 2015 photo shoots

 16th Dec 2015

Upon general request we start publishing previews of our 2015 shooting sessions.

Summary of the 2015 shooting campaign : This year we did 18 photo shoots featuring 14 new models as well as 4 previously featured, totalling more than 18,000 photos. Some of the new models are professional dominas.

We start publishing one preview gallery of each new model this week (two galleries a week as usual).

But we haven't published yet all the 2014 material, tens of galleries featuring models you loved are still on our hard drives (4,000 pictures) waiting to be published.

Other new things regarding the 2015 shoots : We built a boudoir set to have a change of scenery, we got new outfits & accessories, a new Canon EOS 6D digital camera (full frame) and an amazing 50mm/1.8 Canon lens.

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